How to Use Blender to perform different Kitchen Tasks

How to care your blender to get best performance every time

If you have bought a blender and spent fair amount of money than you would be wishing that your blender should last at least a few years and perform best every time. There are varieties in them: one blender is better at crushing ice while another is good for just mixing batters or making soups. It is considered that jar blender with stainless steel blades of 500 watts and above would fulfill most needs from blending sauces and pureeing vegetables and fruits to crushing ice.

First Add Liquids

If you want good performance and results than fill liquid first in the blender and afterwards put small pieces of fruits, berries, veggies and ice in the last. This practice makes easy for blender to whip up the liquid to vortex resultantly pulling the solid ingredients downward.

Begin with Pulsing or Running at the Lowest Speed First

In the beginning start with lowest speed and give a break for a few times to get the ingredients turn into smaller pieces. Later on, increase speed slowly before you get the desired result. You should achieve full speed step by step.

Remember to Hold the Cap with Your Hand

When you use the blender there is a chance of mess coming out from the blender if you do not grip the cap of the jar with a firm hand. Blender vibrates even when your hands are on the locked lid.

Blending Hot Liquids

When blending hot liquids, take off the inner cap of the blender lid and use a dish cloth to hold the blender lid because the hot liquid may affect your hand.

Chopping Vegetables and Fruits

Ensure that the fruits and vegetables have been chopped into small pieces before blending to ensure uniform results. For further information on blenders, read best blender reviews.

Do Not Overwork the Blender

If you want your blender to last long then do not over fill the blender or run long even with low speed as this may cause it to burn due to overload. Blender is not for mashing potatoes, grinding meat, or kneading stiff dough so avoid doing these in your blender.

Wash the Jar Immediately after Use

Immediate wash after use will save the plastic jar from being stained. Fill some water into the jar, put a little dishwashing liquid and pulse a few times then rinse thoroughly. Do not leave water near the drive shaft and do not soak the jar longer as it may result in shorter life and damaging of the blender.


Do not store the blender jar along with the contents in the freezer as it will damage the blades and jar. Keep the blender in dry area and lid separately or lightly over the jar.

Is Cold Pressed juice better?

Having a fresh juice on a daily basis along with a breakfast is healthy habit. There are numerous advantages of drinking fresh juice. They are pack with healthy nutrients such as vitamins, iron and enzymes. There are many ways to consume these healthy drinks. Many people buy these juices from supermarkets and general stores but that’s no a good option because we do not have guarantee whether they are fresh and hygienic or not. The best way to consume these drinks is that you prepare them yourself. That may seems to be tough but with the help of juicers, you can prepare fresh juice of vegetables and fruits without any problem. There are many different types of juicers in the market. Usually there are two types of juicers that are very common; the cold press juicers and centrifugal juicers. Today we will discuss why cold pressed juices are better than any other extracted juices.

The main reason for drinking cold pressed juice is that they are having more nutrients than any other juices. The reason why, these juices are so neutritiants is that cold press juicer uses two techniques to extract juice from a fruit or vegetable. First of all, the shred the fruit or vegetable with the help of moderat spinning blade that does not produces any heat during the spinning. Most of the juicers use only one way to extract the juice that is by shredding the fruit or vegetable from a high speed-spinning blade that produces heat. The produced heat will destroy most of the enzymes. Since cold press juicer does not produce any heat, hence all of its nutrients remain inside the juice. Moreover, cold press juicer uses one more technique to extract the juice from the fruit and vegetable, they apply pressure on the shredded juice with the help of hydraulic press. In this way, more juice is extracted from the fruit and vegetable. These juicers are the best for green vegetables as normal juicers are not able to extract the whole amount of juice from the vegetables.

These cold press juicers are great when it comes to make nutty milks from almonds and cashew nuts. These juices are very expensive in super market, so it’s better and economically. These milks are very healthy and are great source of nutrients. These cold pressed juices produces dry residue of fruit and vegetable that can later be used as composting as there residue is very dry.

These juices can be really helpful for you to maintain a healthy diet; we are very busy nowadays and are unable to maintain a healthy diet. These juices will cope up with deficiency of fruits and vegetables. As these juices are packed with minerals and nutrients they will detoxify our body.

These are the reasons why cold press juicers are highly recommended because of their purity. You will find a major difference between the taste and the consistency of these juices. They are far more richer in texture than any other juice.

Food Processor – The Secret to Faster Cooking

Even for expert cooks, cooking can become a little tedious, monotonous and time consuming at times so that they avoid homemade food and prefer to eat out or skips meals entirely and eat snacks in their place. Instead of choosing unhealthy options, it is better to invest an appliance that can do all the hard work for you so that you are in an out of your kitchen without even noticing it. The preparation part of the cooking which involves chopping, grinding, mincing, slicing, shredding and kneading is what takes most of your time and energy. Thanks to the invention of food processor, you won’t have to concern yourself with such petty but tiresome tasks anymore. You can focus your attention on more fruitful things like creativity, taste and presentation.

Advantages of owning a best food processor in Home

You can think of a food processor as your personal assistant in your kitchen. From shredding, grinding, slicing, chopping to kneading, you name it and the task is done. If you are unsure whether or not to invest in this piece of machinery, here are the most important ways in which it helps you out:

Faster and simpler cooking – When all the prep work is done with the help of a food processor, there isn’t much left to cooking. Instead of spending hours slicing vegetables to the exact thickness you want for a salad, you could get the whole thing done much more precisely in merely minutes using a food processor.

Variety of recipes– If you have a food processor sitting in your kitchen, you can come up with so many different dishes which were not even a possibility before the arrival of a food processor. You can quickly create homemade sauces, dips, salsas and more if there is a food processor at your disposal.

Healthier living – When cooking is so simple with a food processor, there is not much reason for making excuses to avoid cooking meals at home and cutting down on the number of days you eat out or order food at home. Since homemade meals are prepared under your supervision using handpicked ingredients and in the most hygienic conditions, you can find satisfaction in the fact that you will be feeding your family with a healthy meal packed with nutrients that a restaurant cannot guarantee.

Baby food preparation– If you have a baby in the house, a food processor can be a life saver. You can make a variety of homemade meals for your baby instead of feeding him with store bought baby food. It is so very simple to make large batches of several varieties of baby food using your food processor to store them in an organized way inside your freezer and use it for an entire month!